1808 – The royal family in Brazil

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I wanted to share a good find with my readers, it’s called 1808 and as the title says, it’s about “how a crazy queen, a fearful prince and a corrupt court deceived Napoleon and changed the history of Portugal and Brazil.” The 10 year study was done by Laurentino Gomes and at this point, I believe it’s only available in Portuguese.

I’m only 50 pages into it (out of 414 pages), but so far, it’s quite interesting and easy enough to understand. On Amazon at this moment, there are 3 copies available (although the price is a bit high). If you can get your hands on it, it gives an insightful set-up for those wishing to learn about how Brazil has changed (and even how it hasn’t).

And for those who are more visually-oriented, there’s a 4-part documentary on Youtube (in PT) on the book.


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