Rio for Partiers, Women for…sex?

The clip below deals with the image of the Brazilian woman and in this case, the carioca and how that image is presented in a sexual manner to foreigners. It reached the point where postcards and other images which were of a sexual nature were prohibited from being sold in Rio. I remember being in Rio and watching a debate on the matter on a news show and while I’m supportive of the right to express yourself how you want, there are limits, of course. To promote the women in Rio as sex fiends or anything of the sort is not right. I personally know many Brazilian women and none of them are hypersexual in the way they are portrayed to the rest of the world.

As for the tourist book they refer to in the news piece, I’ve seen it and took a look through it. There were corrections I would have made to the content and I do remember taking note of the page on Brazilian women. Secondly, I wouldn’t write a short colorful book explaining Brazilian culture to a foreigner as it is a complex subject to being with. When writing about where to go or what to do, that’s fine…as long as you aren’t saying “the women in this club are easier” (well, I suppose if you are talking about Help Discoteca, then it would be factual).

To sum it up, I think if you fall for some surface article or book that says certain women are easier than others, you are probably lacking more than a few brain cells. And if you are going to say “but look at what they wear (on the beach, on the street, etc)”, I will tell you that Brazil is a hot and humid country and if you lived in Alaska, I’m sure you’d do the opposite and wear sweaters and jackets.

That being said, I absolutely love the Brazilian woman, only my love is a reflection of the culture they grow up within, and not some false notion that I pulled out of thin air.

5 thoughts on “Rio for Partiers, Women for…sex?

  1. Hi Adam, thanks for the review. contact me if you want me to send a copy of my book, so you can analize it fully: for instance, we don´t say that “women at a certain club are easy”, as you suggest.

    my email is above. 1st beers are on me.
    rio for partiers

  2. Hi Cristiano,

    When I set up a fixed address, I’d be happy to do more than just flip through it, although I didn’t suggest the book contains a section saying some women are easier than others.

    “When writing about where to go or what to do, that’s fine…as long as you aren’t saying…”

    The “you” is addressed to no one in particular like the “se” in the following phrase “se vende…” (…is sold here). The three initial sentences in the same paragraph as the part I quoted above do reflect my opinion of the book (I’ve seen it/perhaps a correction or two/I personally wouldn’t write such a book).

    Hope that clarifies


  3. Hi Adam,
    got it.
    question: how did you sum up several opinions about it, without having read it? did you read other articles about it, or amazon reviews, or talk to people that have read it?
    rio for partiers

    • A friend had it so I had a chance to look at it. For the second opinion, I forget what I would have corrected but I remember thinking I would correct a thing or two. The third opinion, is just my personal interest and the reason I have this site/blog, to continually explore Brazilian culture. That being said, I do think there are many people who enjoy condensed material these days so I would guess the book is a success.

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