Eyes On Brazil t-shirts now available!

EOB 002.bmp

I’ve had a few lists of cultural phrases in my head for many many months and the day came when I decided to do something with them. The result? Eyes On Brazil t-shirts are now available for purchase!

You might be thinking these are going to be t-shirts with just the name of my site but they aren’t. In general, they combine cultural phrases with designs and give you a way to say “I’m in the know” when it comes to all things Brazilian.

Check it out for yourself here at the Eyes On Brazil store.

As a side note, any and all phrases you see are also available to be placed on any product Printfection offers. Colors can also be altered, just let me know. Currently, there are 10 shirts (for Brazil in general) to choose from although there are more shirts in the other two sub-stores. Stay tuned because more are on their way!


2 thoughts on “Eyes On Brazil t-shirts now available!

    • Hello Fabio,

      In a sense I did. I polled my readers and everyone pretty much said to consolidate the Salvador site and the Rio site. The posts about consolidating should be about 5 posts back if you check.


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