Go dance elsewhere – Observations

Last night, I was at a reggae concert featuring some local bands from Pará as well as Gregory Issacs from Jamaica and Soja from California. In the audience, near the stage were various couples watching and enjoying the live performances dancing forró super close to each other the whole time (5 hours plus) while bumping into everyone who actually came to *see* the bands play. All I have to say is, go dance elsewhere! Go to a bar, stay at your house, pay a lot less and go to a club for crying out loud but don’t go into the most dense part of the crowd, right near the stage and have your alone time with your partner. It’s extremely rude to say it politely. It may be a shock to you and your ‘sweetie-pie’ but nobody likes being bumped into every five seconds. In times like these, the only defense is to cross your arms and therefore use your elbows to make a point, so to speak.

Oh and this goes for the same types of couples, if you are going to spend the other half of your time in such an event ‘sucking face’ with your partner, get a room! Hug, kiss…I couldn’t care less, but if you’re acting like you’re in the privacy of your bedroom ‘knocking boots’ at 2AM then I hope those boots are also made for walking…cause you could go somewhere else and leave me and my friends to enjoy the event…yes, it’s not just me the foreigner who found it quite annoying, but my Brazilian friends too.


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