Digital Inclusion w/o a quick connection?

“Is there a point in discussing the digital inclusion when you don’t have a high-speed connection? Governments and everyone else are talking about how to universalize high-speed access, while Brazil is still moving slowly.

There’s a Brazil that can’t manage to watch Youtube, that doesn’t have a Facebook profile, that can’t follow the happenings of Twitter and wouldn’t even dream of signing up for Google Wave. It signs-on to MSN, but first it needs 9 hours to download the program – if the connection doesn’t fail first. It’s the disconnected Brazil – or 94.2% of our country.” – Source (translation by me)

My Take

Ok, I get it. Everyone in the world needs to be on the same globalized page, with the same opportunities…to receive their bread and circuses. I mean, what’s the point in giving us a shiny toy racecar if what’s under the hood is the equivalent of a Jalopy? Playing aside, what we have been given is a world in which it is increasingly unthinkable to exist without a computer at your side or in your pocket. The former of which I could be charged, tried and convicted. Convicted but not anywhere near convinced that such a world will lead to anything good. Pick your poison then, either be given your opinions through traditional media or experience a loss of privacy through new media (media, which just means ‘medium’ or middle, meaning we’re all kept on the same page).


3 thoughts on “Digital Inclusion w/o a quick connection?

  1. Most commentators agree that the future is the mobile web. That kind of invalidates every single word you wrote. Everyone has a celular and within a cople of years everyone will have 3 or 4G handset



    • Even I agree with that so that means it does not invalidate my own words. Addiction which is forced upon us by multinational companies, governments and the media is not one I can call just and correct. We have no choice, just an ultimatum (either we go along with it or we dont). Think ahead, these 3/4G handsets will soon be chips and they will be implanted in your head because ‘it’s so much easier’ than carrying something around in your pocket. Think you would say no to that idea? Wait until those multinationals, govts and the media place that idea in your head through their propaganda machines and you’ll most likely fall for it, ‘hook, line and sinker’.

  2. I read this and worried

    > Google Wave. It signs-on to MSN, but first it needs 9 hours to download the program

    Mainly because it signs in to google and takes 10 seconds to download 300k of ajax. You also have the option to create a few google accounts and switch between them. If you want an invite, just say here – it’s not THAT exciting

    You sound like you are having a hard time TDB, dar uma pausadinha e fique peixe colega……..



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