Know any good links on Brazil?

On my ever-growing Links on Brazil page, I have 85 different sources listed, most of them in English. If you are holding out on me ;  ) and know of a good source for Brazilian content, let me know as I’d be happy to hit 100!



5 thoughts on “Know any good links on Brazil?

  1. i am an expat living in garanhuns, and i write about whatever tickles my fancy, including brazil, but it is not strictly about brazil.. i think i may have been the first expat to tackle the “pizza” issue, because most of the mail i got when i posted about that was from expats who all said something along the lines of “you did the post i never got around to about pizza”, which i thought was neat…. i looked at your list and i think you have most of the expats who blog there, but i will look at my list and see if you missed one.. im taking care of something else right now so if you have a chance just look at my blog and see if you notice someone there who is missing

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