Man travels from Brazil to DC for patent

“Paulo Roberto Vieira stumbled into the Brazilian consulate on L Street NW, bedraggled, nearly broke and at the end of his rope. Dressed in a battered black leather jacket and scuffed black jeans, he told consular officials an almost unbelievable story: He had ridden his motorcycle from his home town in southern Brazil to Washington, an 18,000-mile quest for official recognition of his life’s proudest work, an automobile accessory he said he invented.

Vieira’s arrival last month ended an odyssey that wound through 11 countries, and it illustrates Washington’s enduring power as a magnet for ordinary people who think the answer to their prayers can be found in what’s seen as the capital of the free world. Standing next to his Honda CG150 Titan on L Street several days later, Vieira, gaunt and looking weary, recounted in his native Portuguese the improbable tale of his four-month journey.

He described how he rode for more than 1,900 miles on mostly unpaved roads through the Amazon, narrowly avoiding becoming lunch for a jaguar, one of the rain forest’s most feared carnivores. How a delay in obtaining a U.S. visa forced him to traverse Mexico three times before crossing into Texas. How he hoped for sweet justice in the U.S. capital, perhaps even from the president himself.” – Source (more here)


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