New study – São Paulo is 3rd most expensive city worldwide

According to a new study on product price comparisons which analyzed 26 products in 33 countries, São Paulo came in 3rd place in terms of the top 20 most expensive cities in the world! Also of interest is the lack of American cities on the list.

1) Oslo, Norway

2) Copenhagen, Denmark

3) Sao Paulo, Brasil

4) Paris, France

5) Reykjavik, Iceland

6) Stockholm, Sweden

7) Helsinki, Finland

8) Dublin, Ireland

9) Sydney, Australia

10) Rome, Italy

11) Tokyo, Japan

12) Amsterdam, Netherlands

13) Vienna, Austria

14) Brussels, Belgium

15) Berlin, Germany

16) Cape Town, South Africa

17) Moscow, Russia

18) Istanbul, Turkey

19) Lisbon, Portugal

20) London, England


One thought on “New study – São Paulo is 3rd most expensive city worldwide

  1. Having recently moved from New York City to Sao Paulo, Brazil, I have an insiders perspective on a change in cost of living. Before you use a high-level report to decide on a move or a real-estate purchase, make sure you dig into the detail of what the things that make up your spending really cost. For example, dining out in New York City and Sao Paulo are, surprisingly, similar in cost. However, you can get about three times more apartment in Sao Paulo for what you would pay in New York. In Sao Paulo, anything made outside the city is two to three times more expensive because of duties. In Sao Paulo, you can also have someone work at your home five days a week, all day, and cook, for little more than it costs for you to have someone come and clean your much smaller New York apartment (no cooking) once a week. If relocating is a decision you need to make, check cost by categories of your spending and budget. More of my account of transitioning from New York to Sao Paulo at

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