Rio’s beaches – where the sun won’t shine

“Two city guards in crisp uniforms marched across the sands and ordered Javier and his friend to stop their game, a “keep-up” between several players that is much loved by Rio beach-goers.

“It’s ridiculous. No one’s here, it’s a public beach,”said Javier, wearing swimming trunks and gesturing at the near-empty section of beach on a recent afternoon.

No matter. Under rules aimed at bringing order to Rio’s famous beaches, ball games are among the undesirable activities being curtailed or banned as the city that will host a World Cup and Olympics within seven years seeks to clean up its act. But the shock of order policy is running into resistance on Rio’s sands, amid worries that it will kill the soul and spontaneity of beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana, which have been celebrated in many a samba and bossa nova song.” – Source (more here)

This is completely ridiculous. Rio’s problems are not with pick-up games on the sand, nor with barracas, nor with boom boxes. Next, Rio’s government will want to regulate how much sun shines on the beaches per day.

If you would like to see the Rio of the past, present and future, O Globo has a Multimedia show called Rio Na Cabeça.


2 thoughts on “Rio’s beaches – where the sun won’t shine

  1. Wow that’s just the most ridiculous thing! Giuliani cleaning up Rio? The barracas, no games on the beach? Give me a break!!!
    This is the least of Rio’s problems. I hope the citizens revolt and demand real change and that the beaches keep their charm and character.

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