Bezerros: Creative Capital of Pernambuco

Recife Guide did a feature on the city of Bezerros in the interior of Pernambuco (about 50 min from Recife). Judging by the photos alone, it looks like a great place to be! Of special note is the Papangu Carnival and the Serra Negra region. Check out the link to know more!

For a peak at the Carnival there, see the photo slideshow below from photographer Jose Alves Gonçalves (with a song by Lenine called “Leão do Norte”).

6 thoughts on “Bezerros: Creative Capital of Pernambuco

  1. Bezerros is very popular for its street Carnival and the Papangus. You will find great arts & crafts there, too.

    The Northeast of Brazil is extremely rich in folklore and the arts. It is a musical paradise with with rhythms like ciranda, maracatu, caboclinho, coco, frevo, and more.

    Thanks for the video!

  2. Hi Tommy

    The song is by Lenine, from Recife, the capital of Pernambuco. It is called Leão do Norte (Lion of the North). The lyrics are about Pernambuco, a state very rich in folklore, music, and dance. Basically each line of the song mentions a regional rhythm, dance, or artist. The lyrics of this song could very well justify one entire semester of Northeastern Brazil culture!

    Here are the lyrics:

    Sou coração do folclore nordestino
    Eu sou Mateus e Bastião do Boi Bumbá
    Sou o boneco de Mestre Vitalino
    Dançando uma ciranda em Itamaracá

    Eu sou o verso de Carlos Pena Filho
    Num frevo de Capiba
    Ao som da Orquestra Armorial

    Sou Capibaribe
    Num livro de João Cabral

    Sou mamulengo de São Bento do Una
    Vindo num baque solto de um Maracatu
    Eu sou um auto de Ariano Suassuna
    No meio da feira de Caruaru

    Sou Frei Caneca no Pastoril do Faceta
    Levando a Flor da Lira
    Pra Nova Jerusalém

    Sou Luiz Gonzaga
    E eu sou do mangue também

    Eu sou mameluco
    Sou de Casa Forte
    Sou de Pernambuco
    Eu sou o Leão do Norte

    Sou Macambira de Joaquim Cardoso
    Banda de pife no meio do canavial
    Na noite dos tambores silenciosos
    Sou a calunga rebelando o Carnaval

    Sou a folia que desde lá de Olinda
    O Homem da Meia-Noite
    Eu sou puxando esse cordão

    Sou jangadeiro
    Na festa de Jaboatão

    Eu sou mameluco
    Sou de Casa Forte
    Sou de Pernambuco
    Eu sou o Leão do Norte

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