LAN Houses (Cyber Cafes)

Here in Brazil, when you need to use the internet and dont have a computer, you can walk into any of the LAN Houses (cyber cafes) in just about every half-modern city.

When you enter, you tell the person at the front that you want to use a computer (unless you are 16 years old and are there to play Playstation with your friends and yell the whole time about who is beating who). The attendant will ask you how long you wish to use it and sometimes he or she will ask a question which might make you tilt your head a bit. They might ask, “você quer com web?” (do you want it with web?) and by ‘web’ they don’t mean the internet, but rather a webcam.

Now, either the place will have the time set in the bottom corner of the screen (such as in FedEx in the USA) and the clock counting down to zero or they will have a notebook where they make note of when you came in and how long you still have.

There was talk in Brazil recently of officially registering all users by writing down their name and ID number (which would later be given to the gov’t) to monitor web traffic ‘for our protection’ (ha-ha) but as of this point, it hasn’t come into effect as far as I can tell (and I use LAN Houses frequently).

If you use MSN, you’ll probably see a picture of a young man with his shirt off posing for the camera as the profile picture of the last person to use it but don’t mind that, just enter your details and sign on.

As for the web…I mean the net, Chrome and Firefox are widely used as browsers and the computers are always using Windows. In terms of prices per hour, it depends on where you are but where I am (in a smaller city), I pay 25 cents per hour but there are places in the same city that charge 50 cents per hour. In the city of Rio, I remember paying something like US$1-1.50 per hour back in 2005 so who knows if it has increased or not.

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