Hoje eu to enjoado

I´m going a little crazy living in Para because I have to listen to this brega song many times everyday…for a month so far. Almost as bad, the youngsters actually find it to be a great song…people even discuss the lyrics. I dont even have the heart to place this under the Music category. Oh and there happens to be a competing song out now, competing for annoyingness. Its called Selinho na Boca but Ill save you from having to hear it.

At least Beyonce is respectable in the overlapped video…oh wait, nevermind.


One thought on “Hoje eu to enjoado

  1. I am not surprised that there is a version in Portuguese to this song. They do it all the time in the northeast and north with forró and technobrega. I never understood why people copied this dance routine either (not only here, everywhere). Even the Jonas Brother guy. It’s just a lame dancing.

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