Should Brazil ban Avatar?

Luciana from Street Smart Brazil shared an article from the Huffinton Post with me called “Avatar: Should Brazil ban the film?” (ironic because I saw Avatar in Brazil, more specifically the Amazon region).

Here’s the part on Brazil (half the article is on China pulling the film)

“What came to mind as I watched the film wasn’t China, but Brazil. The Na’vi live in a glorious tropical rainforest that is reminiscent of the biodiversity-rich Amazon, and the on-screen people’s ties to their homeland is as respectful and culturally unique as that of the real tribal peoples who call our planet’s greatest rainforest home. Sadly, the threats to the Amazon are real: more than 100 large dams are planned for the basin, which also faces logging, mining, and clearing for agriculture.

The Brazilian government bears some resemblance to the movie’s corporate raiders. Its plans to sell off the mighty river to the highest bidder will result in forced evictions and drastic disruptions of cultures and livelihoods of tens of thousands of people. The Amazon is as threatened as the Na’vi’s land, and many Amazonian tribes have made it clear they will fight for their homelands.

It’s probably a good thing for Lula’s government that most Amazonian tribal people can’t just run down to the corner multiplex to catch this flick; it might unleash a flood the government just can’t dam.”

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