Cartola – A dessert I would’ve eventually invented

Again, at Street Smart Brazil, there’s a post on desserts from Pernambuco and one caught my eye. It’s the cartola and although I don’t add chocolate, it’s something I’ve been doing for years without knowing it had a name. My invention just followed a grilled cheese, banana and cinnamon sandwich I used to get at the lanchonetes in Rio, only I wouldn’t use bread in the recreation.

“One of my favorite desserts is Cartola: sliced fried banana with queijo mateiga or coalho (two types of very delicious Brazilian cheese), topped with with cinnamon and chocolate. Oh it is so good! It is one of those things that you have to try; the list of ingredients may not sound that exciting, but the dish is fantastic. In fact, the state of Pernambuco has been discussing the idea of officially recognizing Cartola as cultural heritage.”

Cartola Sobremesa Recife Pernambuco < Cartola

from the blog Cozinha Cani.

For more Pernambucan desserts, go here!


One thought on “Cartola – A dessert I would’ve eventually invented

  1. It is really hard to resist a good cartola. I was in Recife in September and had lots of it! I like it with coalho cheese, but it is also very tasty with manteiga cheese.

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