CucaBrazuca’s Quindim Recipe

Doing the post yesterday on the Brazilian dessert called Cartola made me think of others…

The site where the video came from is called CucaBrazuca. In case you are unfamiliar with the method used to cook the quindim over water, it is known in Brazil as “banho maria” (from ‘bagno-maria’ in Italian), which allows the substance being cooked to cook in a slow and uniform manner.

“The heavy use of egg yolks is characteristic of many Portuguese sweets and pastries, such as the papo de anjo (“angel’s double chin”) and fios de ovos (“egg threads”). Their combination with coconut and sugar was probably created by African slaves in 17th century Brazilian Northeast, where coconuts were abundant and sugar (from sugarcane) was a major industry.

The word itself comes from a Bantu language, and originally meant “the gestures, or demeanor, or humor characteristic of adolescent girls.” – Wikipedia


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