Seeing the Barber in Brazil – Observations

One thing I always loved in Brazil was the simplicity of the cabeleireiro* (barbershop). The wait is short if not non-existent because the cuts are generally quick (10 minutes), the prices are just right (US$2.50-$5 with no expectation to tip), they use a razor with male clients to square-up the edges and the places aren’t hard to find. They remind me a lot of the old school barbershops in the States, the kinds that weren’t business chains and didn’t have a strong smell of chemicals in the air (as modern places have due to chemical treatments).

When I think about differences, the most striking one is that I’d pay equivelent to 10-15 haircuts in Brazil for one normal haircut in the US. That’s precisely why I cut my own hair at home. Sure you might mess up the first few times but then you get better.

* – The term cabeleireiro also refers to the one who does the haircutting.


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