Belém is going bye-bye

After 3 months of living in Belém, with an initial plan of just visiting and heading on to Rio, I moved back to the States on account of having spent more money in Belém than I planned. Rio will be for another day. In any event, I made Eyes On Belém about 10 months ago when I was under the impression that segmented sites would help me define the reader and the content. One became two which became three then four. In line with the consolidation of the sites, the sun will be setting on Eyes On Belém today.

I’m almost done with integrating all the content from that site and soon all will be as it was. Some of the pages however (‘pages’ are the lists of links to the right such as ‘Links on Brazil’, etc) that were left over will become a new post so as to not lose the content.

Now if anyone notices a slight focus on Belém among my now-nearly 700 posts, they’ll know why.


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