Two full-length Brazilian films on Youtube

I’m not sure when it changed but sometime in the last several months, Youtube started allowing full length films instead of its normal 10 minute limit on each video. There are two I’ve noticed which are Brazilian and which have good ratings on IMDB, although they don’t come with subtitles.

Cinema, Aspirina & Urubus
(A road movie about a German man who went to the North East of Brazil in the 1942 to sell Aspirin)

O Prisioneiro Da Grade de Ferro
(Documentary about Carandiru Penitentiary, with scenes filmed by the prisoners themselves)

2 thoughts on “Two full-length Brazilian films on Youtube

  1. Thanks for sharing these, I’ll have to check them out! My portuguese is half-decent, but watching without the subtitles should be interesting! Actually, I think it will be good practice and less distracting.

    • Hi there, yeah, it’s best in the beginning to start with a Brazilian film with English subs, then move to Portuguese subs, then no subs. Even though I consider my Portuguese advanced, there are things I can’t understand when I watch Brazilian films sometimes.

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