Eike Batista – The richest person in Brazil

Via Expat Brazil, I found this video interview (duration: 53 minutes) on Charlie Rose with Eike Batista, the richest man in Brazil.

Mr. Bautista “is a Brazilian entrepreneur. He has founded several different companies, with a concentration in the mining field. Eike Batista is considered to be a wild business man, sometimes classified as “adventurous”. Recently, he became the wealthiest person in Brazil, with an estimated fortune of US$7.5 billion.”

He was born in Governador Valadares, in Minas which has the nickname ‘Vale Dolares’ (Worth Dollars), but that’s just a coincidence.


2 thoughts on “Eike Batista – The richest person in Brazil

  1. Can you please help me get intouch with Mr. Batista. I have a few business ideas that i would like to submit to him for potential investment funding. Building a concept (fuel efficient)custom car series line , instrumental music albums, creating a clothing line, building a career center complex for aspiring apprentices/novices to learn the business of industry & trade. I would also like to developing a noble outreach ministry to help preach the gospel of our lord &savior jesus christ around the globe. plus creating a non-profit foundation that’s primary focus is helping the underserved low-income families build more affordable & better living housing in brazil and many underserved communities across the world . I would really appreciate if you could give me a business mailing address so i can write Mr. Batista a personal letter. THank YOU for taking the time to view this message.

    • Hello Shawn

      I don’t know Mr. Batista and have never worked with him. Since his companies operate all over the world, you may want to try looking for his contact on Google.

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