Morro do Boi criminal gets 65 years

One year ago, I decided to post a very sad story on a young couple who, while walking to the top of a hill overlooking a beach in Paraná, was confronted by a criminal that ended up murdering the young man (Osiris), shooting the young woman (Monik) and then coming back to rape her. In the comments section of the post I did on it, someone who knew Osiris, expressed how sad she was to learn of the news of his passing, as her memories of him were fond ones.

In any event, after one year and a lot of enrolação (getting tied up), the right person was condemned (in PT) to 65 years in jail, thanks to the initial sketch that Monik, the young female survivor, helped to create. Meanwhile, she is hard at work doing physical therapy to regain feeling in her legs after becoming parapalegic due to the attack.

In the world we live in, we can get so unphased by so much bad news being reported that it doesn’t effect us as perhaps it should. When I woke up that one morning one year ago and read what had happened, it greatly saddened me that someone felt they had to wreak such havoc on a young couple that only wanted to enjoy their weekend together.


One thought on “Morro do Boi criminal gets 65 years

  1. Remember the case well. Way too much random, senseless violence here, but at least this one ended with the bandido caught and sentenced.

    Did you read this article about the release of one of the bandidos involved in the carjacking and dragging death of the boy named João Hélio in Rio back in 2007? The bandido released was underage and was under death threats as was his Mother. The the other men involved were in their 40s. They are prison.


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