Olhar Estrangeiro – Documentary

There’s a Brazilian documentary called Olhar Estrangeiro (Foreign Look) about how foreigners see Brazil and since I’ve been bringing up this very subject here, I figured it would be beneficial to talk about the film. Before seeing the documentary, I couldn’t quite put my finger on the source of so many clichês about Brazil and Brazilians but I must say, Olhar Estrangeiro (cough) pretty much hits the nail on the head. The main culprit is cinema and down the list from there, perhaps journalism and music. As one of the American directors says in the film, cinema gives us information that we aren’t searching for, yet we leave the theater influenced by it.

As for one of the questions raised in the documentary that asked if a foreign film can portray Brazil realistically, I’ll hold onto the hope that it’s possible. Or perhaps it’s time I become a director and scriptwriter.

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