‘Following the Euro’ short documentary

There’s a short documentary on Current about Brazilians reclaiming their Italian citizenship due to a loophole in the system. Basically there’s an Italian law that says if you have an Italian ancestor, you qualify to become an Italian citizen (and EU passport holder). Many Brazilians though are using the law to have access to other European countries, rather than stay in Italy.

With Italy’s low birthrate, it might do the country good to somehow give citizenship to those who stay in Italy for 5 years before leaving, and therefore create ties to Italy…and why not, some good-looking babies who would speak two of the most beautiful languages in the world.

On a side note, here’s my article on Italians in Brazil (in English & Portuguese).


4 thoughts on “‘Following the Euro’ short documentary

  1. Hi… We linked to your posting on our Minas International Facebook Fan Page and Twitter. Here is one of the comments we received. Perhaps you have some additional information ?

    Robyn Fidler Pereira Hmm, well I wasn’t able to get the video in that link to load, but I see it was posted a few years ago.
    As far as I understand, this is more or less true, but very difficult to do unless one of your parents are/were Italian born. We looked into it a few years ago because my husband’s paternal grandmother was born in Italy — and discovered law only applies to parents or paternal grandparents (not maternal). Because he qualified we got some information, but the paperwork we would need and the process appeared so complicated we gave up. We also heard that most people wait 7 years or more to have their applications processed.
    But maybe someone else has been through this has had a different experience that can clarify better?

  2. P.S… I also had trouble getting the video to load but since this is a common occurance on my PC didn’t think much of it until I saw our readers comment.

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