Miguxês (Neo-Portuguese) – Curiosities

In 2007, I was in São Paulo for a month on vacation and it was right about the same time that the Museu da Língua Portuguesa (Portuguese Language Museum) opened at the Estação da Luz train station near the Sá neighborhood of São Paulo. On the second floor, which usually holds interactive exhibits, there was a timeline of the Portuguese language and it ended with a sort of Portuguese shorthand that kids use on the Internet.

However, Internet shorthand isn’t the worst of it, now there’s miguxês (and neo-miguxês), as it’s been deemed. The term comes from the miguxês-ation of the word “amigo”, which in miguxês becomes “migu”. Below, you’ll find all three levels of it, each one worse than the last. Feel free to try out the MiGuXeiToR translation tool.

Miguxês Arcaico (ICQ)
Ex. Isso eh o miguxês!

Miguxês Moderno (MSN)
Ex. Issu eh u miguxês!!

Neo-Miguxês (Orkut, Fotolog)
Ex. IXXu EH u MIGUxXxeIxXx!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Miguxês (Neo-Portuguese) – Curiosities

  1. When I first saw this usage, I thought it was due to keyboards that didn’t have PT diacritical marks (maybe imported American keyboards), where you have to type Alt + 233 to get é. Next time I’m IMing with a Brazilian friend, I’ll see how they laugh at a gringo writing in Miguxês — LEGau!!! porRah, KARah!!!!!

  2. lol.

    I’ve never actually typed with anyone who wrote miguxês moderno nor neo-miguxês but I do from time to time write in miguxês arcaico, such as what you refered to with the wrong keyboard or just due to sheer laziness.

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