Spelling reform comic – Part 2

(click to enlarge)

This is a continuation of Part 1.

Primeiro quadro

“Instead of a complaint, action!”

“I bought a book with everything about the spelling reform!”

Segundo quadro

“I’m going to be reading it daily!”

“I’m going to be learning more all the time!”

“I’m going to be surpassing myself everyday!”

Terceiro quadro

“They might as well take advantage of the reform to slim down the gerund!”

What is notable about this comic strip is the second quadro, in which the character uses the ‘future continuous’ by employing three verbs in a row (called gerundismo in Portuguese or in a much broader sense, vício da linguagem). Such a thing in Portuguese is frowned upon and while it is mostly used in Brazilian Portuguese, it likely originated from the English language and more specifically, telemarketing jargon.

Think of a phrase such as “I’m going to be watching you” and when translated, you’d get “Eu vou estar te vigiando“. Forgetting English for a moment, the proper way to express the gerund (verb ending in -ing) in Portuguese is to do it with two verbs such as “Eu vou te vigiar“, using the aforementioned example.

If your Portuguese is good enough, check out this very funny conversation on a post called “Infinitivismo: O novo Gerundismo

In the third quadro, you see the phrase “bem que podiam” which means “they might as well”, which is helpful for when you wish to express this feeling. Ex. Bem que podia me ajudar (You might as well help me).


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