Every Brazilian Film I’ve Seen (& Recommend)

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15 thoughts on “Every Brazilian Film I’ve Seen (& Recommend)

  1. That is ridiculous, Adam! I won’t put up with this attitude! You have seen more Brazilian movies than I did! But I have to congratulate you on that.
    I have some of these movies and some others I have never heard about. Some I don’t even want to watch (mostly Globofilmes movies).

    You have seen Café com Leite. Nice.

    Let me correct two spellings: Boca dO lixo and JogO de Cena.

    There are a couple more I would suggest: O invasor, ação entre amigos, os matadores (all directed by Beto Brant), Caramuru (hilarious), A cor do meu destino (very good but impossible to find. If you ever find it, let me know).

    • I must have not been paying much attention to write joga. Thanks, Fábio.

      I guess I’m a little crazy then since I’ve seen so many. When I posted it, the number was at 78…now I’ve found 11 more! Well, I’ve never heard of those that you mentioned but I will look them up!

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  3. This is cool and very inspiring. I am curious how you went about choosing the movies you have watched. Did you just pick movies at the movie store in Brasil or use internet resources like Youtube, or what?

    Also, what is your opinion about these movies and learning Portuguese? Is there anything specific that you do when you watch a movie in Portuguese, for example using subtitles, taking notes, etc, or do you just sit back and enjoy it? In my own experience, foreign language movies seem to reinforce what I have already learned, or at least function as an indicator of my level, and just watching (and even writing down unfamiliar words) does not really translate into language retention.

    • Hi Tommy,

      Thank you for the nice comment! Well, I suppose I choose through deduction, by knowing what I don’t like. For over a decade, I’ve been really interested in cinema as an art form and such things as the normal American experience never made much sense to me. By that, I mean seeing a film (most likely a ‘blockbuster’) and watching it without appreciating the job of the director, the screenwriter, the photography (the visuals), the actors, and the message behind it (assuming there is one…and for me to watch it, it needs one). Of course every blue moon, I might see a movie just to see it but it’s not likely. The other part of the American experience is to ask those who’ve seen the film with you if they liked it, to which they may say yes or no but without much thought because most people use film as entertainment, as a way to not think. As for how I see them, I buy them, rent them, catch them on Youtube or Google Video or find them elsewhere online. Brazilians put everything online so it then becomes a matter of knowing where to look.

      “”In my own experience, foreign language movies seem to reinforce what I have already learned, or at least function as an indicator of my level, and just watching (and even writing down unfamiliar words) does not really translate into language retention.”

      I’d have to agree with you on this. I know methods of using films to aid in language learning but I would rather use them as an indicator too.


  4. Wow, what a nice list!!! Just exactly what I need!!

    Out of all the 91 movies listed, I’ve only watched Bossa Nova, and it’s one of my top favourite movies of all time :).

    There’s one more that you can add:

    Blame It On Rio

    It’s not exactly a pure Brazilian movie…but it’s set in Rio, and features some really nice Brazilian music, and shows the breathtaking beauty of Rio!

    • Ah yes, I’ve seen Blame It On Rio too but since I left out other non-Brazilian but set in Brazil movies, I left it out of this list. Perhaps I should see it again because it’s been so long. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Thanks. This is a very valuable list. There are many that I’d like to check out. Unfortunately many of these films are difficult to find here in the US.

  6. Hi,

    It’s very useful list. I like it. Thanks for posting it.

    By the way, some time ago I saw film ‘Divã’ (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1278336/). It’s very nice light comedy with Lília Cabral. It was a coincidence I came across with this film, but watching it wasn’t a wast of time. The optimist from this film filled the rest of my next days.

    Best regards,

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