Buying Concert DVDs – Observations

If you’ve visited Brazil or even gone to any Brazilian market in your country, you’ve probably noticed concert DVDs (‘shows‘ in Anglicized Portuguese) for sale in the stores. Sometimes there will be more shows than films for sale and this has always made me wonder why this is so.

Is it a way to feel like you didn’t miss a concert that you actually did miss?
Are some of the recordings of the same singer/band known to be better than others?
Do you actually watch it or is it treated like a CD just with the added bonus of visuals?

I suppose that since Brazil is a visual culture and since such recordings can be bought on the street there for the price of a normal CD then it makes sense that these shows would become popular. In the States, it’s different. Personally, I’ve never heard of anyone I know wanting to buy a concert DVD and thus why a lot of stores don’t offer them. If a Brazil-lover wandered into a Brazilian market to buy one, they would be confronted with a $30 price tag per show, which is a bit of a deterrent for a practice that might not be understood nor for an experience that might be underappreciated. In Brazil, it’s another story.

At Submarino, they have over 5,000 of them for sale.


2 thoughts on “Buying Concert DVDs – Observations

  1. I can’t say on behalf of all Brazilians, but very few people I know (and I include myself) buy movies in Brazil. We usually don’t see the point of buying something that you will watch only once or twice, excluding children movies that your kids will watch over and over until the laser burns a hole in the disc. :-)

    Most people that actually buy DVDs buy concerts because it’s a “visual CD”, like you said. Music has much more replay value than a movie. I bought a lot of concerts but never bought a movie in my whole life, and I probably never will, since I can just rent it and if I really want to rewatch it I can rent it again and it is still cheaper than buying it. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to think like that because I don’t know anyone in Brazil who ever bought a (non-kids) movie. What else is in DVD? Concerts, of course. Maybe we like concerts more than people from other countries, but I don’t think we love them so much, it’s only because it’s the only thing we think is worth buying.

  2. Interesting. Thanks, Leonardo.

    Movie-collecting in the US has always been popular but I think less so now that one can buy/rent/watch online.

    Perhaps for the same reason that concert DVDs are popular, something like NLP (Nossa Língua Portuguesa with Prof. Pasquale) is also popular…because it can be rewatched.

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