Two Great Albums – Leci & Elis

Today I heard two great Brazilian CDs straight through and I want to share them with you. When I think of Brazilian music, the type of songs that fill these two discs are what comes to mind. The first is by Leci Brandão, which I wrote a little about last month and the CD is titled Essa Tal Criatura (1980).

The second CD is called O Bem do Amor (1963) and is by none other than the Pimentinha (little pepper) herself, Elis Regina. Before hearing this disc, I had heard quite a few of her songs separately but never an entire CD all the way through. I’m happy I finally did because it’s a joy to hear her while imagining the look on her face while she sang (such as in the 1973 TV Cultura show).

 As a result of adding an mini store to my blogs, you can find the second album in the store and listen to snippets of each track. I’ll help you out though, here is the direct link to O Bem do Amor. As for Leci’s CD (because it’s not available on Amazon for buying or listening), you can hear the album in its entirety here at Samba de Raiz. On a side note, I do have another one of Leci’s albums in my mini store.


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