I’m selling some of my Brazil books

I was going through my little library of books when I realized I’ve never read a book twice therefore I’ll be selling several of my books, which I can send via USPS and for payment, I have PayPal. None are ‘new’ new but they are all in good shape.

The first set is mainly Portuguese while the second, mainly English. Here’s the list…

O Menino No Espelho – Fernando Sabino
O Zahir – Paulo Coelho
O Demônio e a Senhora Prym – Paulo Coelho
O Efeito Urano – Fernanda Young *
O Indigitado – Carlos Heitor Cony * (sold)
Cidade Partida – Zuenir Ventura (sold)
Brazil – John Updike

A Moreninha – Joaquim Manuel de Macedo
Rio de Janeiro – Lonely Planet Guide
Rio de Janeiro – Wallpaper City Guide
Rio de Janeiro – B&B City Streets (laminated color map)
Portuguese Coursebook – Living Languages (sold)

* – Two of a five-part collection Cinco Dedos de Prosa, each with a story that revolves around the meaning behind a finger (ie, the novel about the pointer finger is a story about accusation).

For further information, just leave me a comment with your question. Thanks

2 thoughts on “I’m selling some of my Brazil books

  1. Hey Adam,
    I am interested in some of these books, but can you ship internationally? Otherwise, I will be in Sao Paulo for business at the end of May (actually it will be my first visit to Brazil), but I don’t know if we could work something out then?


  2. I could ship internationally but I wonder if doing so would be cost efficient. Feel free to send me an email at eyesonbrazil at gmail with which books you are interested in and I can check out the prices to see if sending it overseas would be worth it for you. Regards

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