The Majority of Brazilians believe in God & Darwin

One in every four Brazilians believe in the myth of Adam and Eve – or in some version of it – to explain the development of the human species, according to research Datafolha divulged this Friday in Folha de S. Paulo (in PT). For this 25% of the population, humans were created by God less than 10 thousand years ago and the human species went through years of evolution, guided by a divine being. Also in accordance with the research, 59% of Brazilians believe in God and in Darwin. A mere 18% think that evolution occurs without the participation of God.

The Big Bang simulation reopens the debate between science and religion (in PT)

The indexes vary according to both social class and education. The larger the income or degree of education, the larger the percentage of Darwinists and the smaller the percentage of Creationists. Datafolha polled 4,158 people older than 16 years old. The margin of error is two points.

The research data from Datafolha are very similar to the findings of comparable research done in Europe, but contrast with that of the United States, where the Creationists add up to 44%, the Evolutionists who believe in God represent 36% of the American population and the pure Darwinists, 14%. – O Globo (translated by me)


2 thoughts on “The Majority of Brazilians believe in God & Darwin

  1. Hola lei tu post de peliculas brasileras y de MPB es un gran aporte … no se si tendras algun post de libros de escritores brasileros.

    un saludo desde Lima-Perú

  2. Hola Javier,

    Bueno, puedo hacer una lista así pero va a ser un poco difícil porque hay muchos libros de Brasil (que deben ser buenos) que todavia no he leido entonces seria una lista de libros que pienso que serian buenos, segun lo que los demas dicen.

    Que te parece?

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