À Deriva (2009) starring Vincent Cassel

One of my favorite French actors, Vincent Cassel, stars in last year’s Brazilian production À Deriva (Adrift). While it was enjoyable (and I would expect it to be since it’s from the Pernambucano Heitor Dhalia, the same director from Cheiro do Ralo), it has a strong Lolita-esque quality. If I were to simplify it, it’s about a bunch of rich people on the beach…but at the same time, the actors do the script justice and the cinematography is excellent. If you get a chance to catch Adrift, I recommend it.

Here’s one website’s review.

“What happens when a teenage daughter discovers her own sexuality while her parents are rediscovering their own? A rather awkward, uncomfortable predicament is applied to a sea-side, sun-bleached town with villas, where a young protagonist Filipa (via first time actress Laura Neiva) deals not only with her yearnings, but with the possible break up of her parent’s marriage. Heitor Dhalia’s visually alluring Adrift might at first have everything sorted out in a pre-determined fashion (mom drinks, dad has his adventure, daughter is confused) but the truth of the matter is: the climax is rather mature and everything that you might want after some questionable scenes.”

On a side note, the Frenchman Cassel taught himself Portuguese and has been visiting Bahia for 20 years. Camila Belle, the mistress in the film, is an American actress (although with one Brazilian parent). If you wish to see a behind-the-scenes clip of the film, go here.


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