Monocle surveys Rio’s present and future

Two years ago, I took a chance and picked up an art & culture magazine at a bookstore. That magazine was Monocle and despite its $10 price tag, in the last few years I’ve always found it to be well worth the read. In fact, it’s the only English-language magazine I do my best to read regularly. For its March edition, which if you hurry, you might be able to still find it in bookstores, Monocle surveyed Rio de Janeiro’s present and future in a 20-page spread. Each two pages focus on a different aspect of the lifestyle of Rio’s (well-to-do) residents and barring the fact they focus on the expensive side of Rio and misspelled the word “red” in “Linha Vermelha” (by writing “vermeia”), I found their spread touched upon many of the challenges that Rio is facing and will face in the years to come. Hopefully the influx of investment money into Rio will do something positive for the Rio that has no asphalt (such as handing over land rights to long-standing favela residents so they can feel more inclusion and also have the choice to sell their home/land for profit in the coming years). The Monocle article briefly mentions that land prices (some favelas included) are on the rise already and my guess is they will continue to climb throughout the next decade.

In case you missed the magazine, Monocle offers a short clip on Rio and a list of what to spend money on.


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