The Leveling Off Point – Part Two

After writing the original Leveling Off Point last month, I’ve come to the decision that Eyes On Brazil has had a good run in the 2 years I’ve been doing it. There are roughly 800 posts to browse through and the new platform here, which will act like a mirror site (with an Amazon store for Brazilian literature, music, etc).

A few weeks into the blogging platform change and I realized most people accessing my site are doing so via WordPress URLs, meaning my hits to this site aren’t diminishing. In any event, while it’s had a good run, there may be some walking left to do every once in a while so don’t be surprised if you see a new post when there’s a blue moon out. As for my interaction with the site, I will still check in on the stats and respond to every comment (just as I’ve always done) so no worries there.

What is next for me? I will continue to work on Eyes On Colombia since I feel like the country needs a spokesperson that can reach an English-speaking audience. Eyes On Portuguese, I will keep up with…and who knows, I might start with a new country (perhaps that is my fado, I mean fate).

Thank you all for reading, interacting and for coming back to learn more! Now let’s see how long this ‘quitting’ thing lasts…



2 thoughts on “The Leveling Off Point – Part Two

  1. Tá. Tudo bem que já há mais de 800 posts sobre o Brasil. Mas, não se canse do Brasil. A gente precisa de pessoas como vc, que admiram o Brasil, para fazer a propaganda certa! Obrigado pelo seu carinho a terra verde-amarelo!

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