Brazilian expressions in English

For the Youtube link above, here’s my transcription. These are all idiomatic expressions (in Portuguese) that, as you can see, shouldn’t be used literally in English! For the format, I’ll post their Portuguese version, literal English version, then what they really mean in English.

É nóis na fita!
Is we in the tape!
Of course!/That’s it!

Chá comigo que eu livro sua cara.*
Tea with me that I book your face.
Let me handle it.

Eu sou mais eu.
I am more I.
I am more myself.

Você quer um bom-bom?
Do you want a good-good?
(suggest a translation)

Nem vem que não tem!
Not even come that it doesn’t have!
Don’t even try/Don’t get smart with me!

Ela é cheia de nove horas.
She is full of nine o’clock.
She’s full of excuses.

Tô careca de saber.
I am completely bald of knowing it.
There’s nothing new about that (fact).

Oh! Queimei meu filme!
Ooh! I burned my movie!
Wow! I screwed up my chance!

Vou lavar a égua.
I will wash the mare.
I will do well in this situation.

Vai catar coquinho!
Go catch little coconuts!
Get lost!

Se correr, o bicho pega, se ficar o bicho come!
If you run, the beast catches; if you stay, the beast eats!
Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! (Catch-22)

Antes tarde do que nunca.
Before afternoon than never.
Better late than never.

Tire o cavalinho da chuva.
Take out the little horse from the rain.
Give up, don’t insist.

A vaca foi pro brejo!
The cow went to the swamp!
What’s done is done!

Dar uma de João-sem-Braço.
To give one of John the Armless.
To play stupid.

* – Chá is a mistranslation of ‘xa which is a quick and informal way of saying deixa (from the verb deixar which means to allow, to leave).


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