The house of Caralho & Mother Joana – 2 for 1

A Casa do Caralho
A casa do caralho (the house of…caralho*) is another Brazilian expression which means somewhere far away. 
Ex. O churrasco foi bom mas foi na casa do caralho!
Ex. The bbq was nice but it was way out in the middle of nowhere!
* – Caralho is a bad word, meaning a certain male organ or used as an exclamation of anger.

A Casa-da-Mãe-Joana
A casa-da-mãe-joana means a place or situation where everything goes, without order, where confusion and disorganization reign free. Its origin is in the 14th century. 
Ex. O lugar virou a casa-da-mãe-joana!
Ex. The place became a complete pig-sty!
Câmara Cascudo (a Brazilian anthropologist) teaches that the expression owes itself to Joan I of Naples, that lived in the Middle Ages between 1326 and 1382 and was the queen of Naples and the countess of Provence. She had a troubled life and in 1346, went to live in Avignon in France, according to some authors, for having involved herself in a conspiracy in Naples against her husband Andrew, and according to others, for being exiled by the church due to an unruly life. 
In 1347, at 21 years old, Joan regulated the bordellos of the city where she lived in refuge. There, it was often heard: “The place will have a door that anyone can go through.” Once brought to Portugal, the expression “paço-da-mãe-joana” (palace of mother Joana) became synonymous with house of prostitution.  
When brought to Brazil, the term paço, for not being a popular term, was substituted for casa and the phrase, Casa-da-mãe-Joana and it worked, by extension, to indicate the place or situation where everyone does what they wish, where disorder and disorganization rule.

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