The Tale of Two Countries – Observations

When it comes down to it (and if my poor math skills are correct), I’ve spent about 1/29th of my life in Brazil, which equals a number of months just shy of one year. That’s not a lot of time but let’s say it’s ‘just shy of one year’ more than most people. While that’s great and all, what it boils down to is a concept, my own personal concept of how I piece together everything I’ve learned in the decade nine months I’ve been learning it lived there.

A wise guy once said (and I’m paraphrasing), “First you like it, then you don’t, then you make your peace”. Ok, so he didn’t say “you make your peace” but he did say “you find a way to balance it all”. Now, I’m not sure if he put that phrase in my head and therefore made me conceptualize my experiences into this mode of thinking or if it was just a real honest look at a foreigner’s take on (living in) Brazil, but either way it stays on my mind. In fact, his idea is the reason for my title, which can be simply seen as my country and Brazil or if you choose, the two Brazils.

It’s a balancing act that keeps my feet on the ground because when I like it, I’m reminded that I shouldn’t be so touristically naive and when I don’t like it, something eventually shows me why I should like it again. If I had to guess, this is the third plane. After typing “third plane” right now, I decided to look it up and found the following true/false statement “Two planes may intersect a third plane without intersecting each other” and the answer is true, but only if they are parallel to each other. This pretty much explains what I was getting at, that the third plane is me and everyone else who has experienced Brazil from a non-tourist viewpoint.

On if there will ever be an answer, a peace found within my pieces, I just don’t know, but I do hold out hope for balance.

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