Cajuína – The famous little drink from Piauí

Cajuína is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverage made of blended cashew apples. It is traditional in the northeast region of Brazil, where it is made by hand, especially in the state of Piauí. When processed, it has yellow-amber color resulting from the carmelization of the natural sugars of the juice. Cajuína is a cultural symbol of the capital of Piauí state, Teresina.

On average, 200 ml of cajuína has 62 calories. The production of cajuína is done via the following process:

– Extraction of the cashew juice;
– Filtration;
– Addition of gelatin (to extract the substance that gives the closing feeling in the throat);
– Separation of the tannins;
– Clarification.

The singer and songwriter Caetano Veloso composed a song called “Cajuína“, in which he sings about the drink. In a very charming report (in PT) on the beauty of Piauí done by Record TV, one can see how the famous drink is made (although I highly recommend seeing the entire report by starting here).

By the way, the contagiously happy reporter is Renata Alves from Sergipe who does random reports on Northeastern culture for the shows Câmara Record and Domingo Espetacular.

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