Song by Cecília Meireles

by Cecília Meireles
translation by me

I placed my dream on a boat
and the boat on the sea;
– afterwards, I opened the sea with my hands,
so that my dream would sink

My hands are still wet
from the blue of the dissonant waves
and the color that flows from my fingers
colors the deserted sands.

The wind comes from afar,
the night buckles from the cold;
under the water it is dying
my dream, inside the boat…

I will cry as much as is needed
to make my sea become bigger,
and my boat sink to the bottom
and my dream disappear.

After, all will be perfect;
a smooth beach, ordered waters,
my dry eyes like stones
and my two hands broken.

Por Cecília Meireles

Pus o meu sonho num navio
e o navio em cima do mar;
– depois, abri o mar com as mãos,
para o meu sonho naufragar

Minhas mãos ainda estão molhadas
do azul das ondas entreabertas,
e a cor que escorre de meus dedos
colore as areias desertas.

O vento vem vindo de longe,
a noite se curva de frio;
debaixo da água vai morrendo
meu sonho, dentro de um navio…

Chorarei quanto for preciso,
para fazer com que o mar cresça,
e o meu navio chegue ao fundo
e o meu sonho desapareça.

Depois, tudo estará perfeito;
praia lisa, águas ordenadas,
meus olhos secos como pedras
e as minhas duas mãos quebradas.

One can see by reading the poem that the poet is expressing the need for calmness in a world where desire causes the commotion of the waters. She is essentially preferring to give up on her dream, to sink her boat either because she doesn’t like to dream or perhaps she does but she is not capable of living with them (while still unattained). She gives up because dreams mean hard work and dedication as well as pain. One can also see the difference between a dream that may not work out for one reason or another and a dream that is purposefully killed by the dreamer, which is what she does.

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