Brazil With a Z – New Link

Today I came across Brasil Com Z (in PT), which is a site for Brazilians who are living and working abroad for a semester or season or longer. In its most basic form, it is what I’ve always wanted to do but instead of Brazilians, they’d be Brazilianists and we could all post our articles to one site/blog.

So far, they’ve got Ana in Provence, Anita in Amsterdam, Barbara in Costa Rica, Flor in Londres, Gabriel in Tókio, Gabriel in Israel, Gil in Roma, Jeanine in Wellington, Karine in Dublin, Karol in Knoxville, Lucy in Murcia, Mirelle in Lyon, Nadja in Buenos Aires, Oscar in Delaware and Glenda in Sevilla…and each of them has their own blog.


One thought on “Brazil With a Z – New Link

  1. Hey, thanks for the link! I’m Lucy, a Brazilian living in Murcia, and collaborator of Brazil com Z. It’s so important to have someone explaining a little more about Brazilian culture to the English-speaking world! You’re doing a great job! Thanks!

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