Check it out! – Differences

There’s a lot of ways to say you’re going to check something out in Portuguese. The verb that immediately comes to mind is verificar (to verify) but let’s go over all of them, shall we? First, one should be sure not to confuse checking something out with checking a box on a list, for example (for which selecionar or marcar is used).

Verificar – To verify. A bit formal.

Ex. Eu verifiquei o meu email e não recebi nada.
Ex. I checked my email and didn’t receive anything.

Conferir – To confer. Less formal, used by advertisers.

Ex. É um lugar bacana, confira!
Ex. It’s a cool place, check it out!

Examinar – To examine. Also a bit formal.

Ex. Vou examinar a evidência.
Ex. I am going to examine the evidence.

There is also checar (to check) but it is an unnecessary Anglicism and since this blog is in favor of using Portuguese words when available, I suggest using the other options above. I consider checar to be a parasitic psuedo-Portuguese along the lines of mídia, deletar, etc. Perhaps this opinion is more in line with those who favor European Portuguese but whatever the case, I take an anti-anglicism stance, especially when a perfectly good Portuguese word probably already exists for the same concept. 

As an additional note, the verb despachar (to dispatch) also exists which is used for checking in your luggage at the counter.

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