Models for ‘Success’

The NYT did a piece on model hunting in Southern Brazil which I’ll post below. The obvious issues with this is that it tells young people that success is beauty, something that is almost tantamount to promoting eugenics. If you’ve watched any TV show or movie in the last few decades, you can see the increase of four principal characteristics in almost every character portrayed, those being beauty, brains, power and youth. Don’t listen to old people (the ones who we used to consider to be the wise ones), if you aren’t beautiful or at least symetrical then you aren’t as special as someone who is, if you don’t have (financial) power or better yet, transformative assets, then you have to work 10 times as hard, etc etc. Give the people ‘bread and circuses’ (fluff, instant gratification) and they will stop thinking of things like hard-work, critical thinking and integrity as worthwhile characteristics.


3 thoughts on “Models for ‘Success’

  1. Can you imagine if an ancient Greek could travel in time and land here. How bummed they would be when they noticed that the old people are taken for granted.

    P.S – Where have you been, my friend? You disappeared!

  2. It’s really interesting to see how this video also shows another face of the Brazilian reality: entire families project their dreams such as traveling by plane, visiting the beach for the first time… all these things may happen if their children become successful models. It’s a way to achieve new goals in their lives.

    Vivi…bouncing from The Lions Den.

  3. It’s the new ‘model’ for success, that one thinks less, does less, is basically worth less but what is really happening is that we are being diverted from the path of knowledge and true discussion of the world we live in and how we should choose to live in it. As long as the people are thinking of A, then the government can do B. That’s the bottom line, in my opinion.

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