‘Baby’ dancing ‘Samba’

I think this post somehow goes with the previous one on being a model for success. The dumbing down of the people (just see how many views this video has) via Youtube which reminds me of the recent statistic that says Lady Gaga tops the ranks with the most-watched video in history on Youtube. Of course, we couldn’t possibly have anything educational as a top video, now can we?

Here’s the latest sensation, a 6 year old in diapers (I mean, a ‘baby’) dancing to axé (I mean, ‘samba’). Deus me livre


2 thoughts on “‘Baby’ dancing ‘Samba’

  1. Do you think “media culture,” particularly internet culture, is more and more and more about stereotypes? Models… “babies…” An observation… by the completion of his body he is not 6, he may be 3, tough…

  2. Ah, yes, 6 was just a way to exagerate the fact that he’s not a baby. I would say media culture is about stereotypes but not so much internet culture (since the internet has more diversity). That being said, there are many sites where majority views are displayed as better than minority views (more views somehow means it’s better than something with less views, or something moves to the top of a list because it receives more comments).

    Even simple things like humor depend on a shared experience such as when Jay Leno of The Tonight Show does his opening monologue. The audience doesn’t necessarily laugh because a joke is funny but also because it’s likely something they have recognized in their own lives. With everything so media-centric these days, that means humor must reflect such a trend. We then laugh at a creative reflection or recreation of ourselves made by the media. It’s quite circular just like the concept of ‘cool’. Is cool what we are told is cool or is it what we decide is cool? At what point do we copy a cool we had no hand in inventing? Going back to majority views being more popular, the same applies for what is considered to be cool, where majority suggests a higher importance.

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