Jair – Then & Now

I’m a big fan of Jair Rodrigues. I think he is one of the greats. This morning, I found an old but famous song of his remade by Brazilian hip-hop artist Rappin’ Hood. Were I still as much a fan of hip-hop as I was in the 90’s, I’d be listening to him (and MV Bill, for that matter) but alas, my taste developed and I can only stand the ‘classics’ now (read: 90’s hip-hop).

In any event, here’s Jair singing Disparada and Rappin’ Hood sampling said song. If you like the older version, click on the video to be taken to Youtube where you can see his other songs from the same show (Programa Ensaio).

More Info

Jair Rodrigues Lyrics
A Nova Bossa (my favorite album of his)


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