Rountrip to Rio…for $250!

“Rio de Janeiro for just $250 round-trip from the USA? All taxes and fees included? That has to be a fare mistake, no? It was not. Instead, it was the fare being offered by US Airways Tuesday morning as it becomes the latest U.S. airline to expand its presence on Twitter. That fare to Brazil — available only from Charlotte — was tweeted to the airline’s followers early on Tuesday. And, with only 30 seats available at that price ($79 each way before taxes/fees), the special sold out quickly, US Airways spokesman Morgan Durrant tells Today in the Sky. Other specials offered so far this week have included $20 each-way fares between Phoenix and Jamaica and $18 each-way fares to Philadelphia. The airline is running the fare specials — as well as some giveaways — via Twitter all this week. Today, Durrant says the carrier’s followers can expect special fares to two destinations, as well as a possible giveaway.

What’s behind US Airways’ increased focus on Twitter. “The aim of it was to do something fun,” Durrant says. And, as you might expect, Durrant adds another factor “was to build our followers and solidify our following through social media.” The effort appears to be paying off. US Airways had about 32,000 followers on Twitter as of June 21, according to Durrant. That number had risen to more than 50,000 followers as of 11 a.m. ET Wednesday. US Airways also hopes the effort helps it connect with its top customers. Durrant says US Airways’ elite-level frequent-flier members already are tweeting about the airline, so this latest effort offered the airline a chance for positive interaction with those top-tier customers.” – Source

In related news, it’s been reported that there was a recent rise in kicking oneself in the ass.


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