Journeyman – Well done

I’ve talked about and praised Journeyman Pictures before, which has their own site* where one can purchase their videos as well as having a Youtube channel* where they show many of their documentaries. I never noticed how much they have on each country until I searched their site where one can see all of them listed by name, description (if you hover over the name), duration and year (like the Brazil page*, for example, where one can see or preview 52 documentaries on the subject). One I like but wouldn’t purchase, since it’s $104, is Coffee Faces*, which anyone can preview.

Argh! I wrote a whole post (about three more paragraphs) on why I was disappointed with Journeyman Pictures for offering their hard-copy longer pieces for purchase at really high prices, despite the quality of their work. Then I searched their site a bit more and found that via, one can rent  their Brazil documentaries for cheap. Then I searched some more and found out that Tuppashare only offers about 7 of the total 52. Pois é

More Info

Journeyman Pictures
Youtube Channel
Brazil Page
Coffee Faces
Buy & Watch Online


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