Lingua: Vidas Em Português – Documentary

I just saw a great documentary on the Portuguese language which spans the globe and all the lusophone countries. It’s called Língua: Vidas em Português (Language: Lives in Portuguese) and it really opens your eyes to how many different peoples speak Portuguese. As the late Saramago says in the opening credits, “there isn’t a Portuguese language, there are languages in Portuguese.” The film opens with another nice line that says something like “Every night, 200 million people dream in Portuguese. These are some of them.”

If you’d like to see a similarly-themed documentary (in PT) copied from a VHS tape to Google Video, try Além Mar (here’s part 1) although if you’d really like to see Língua, then I’m sure that (assuming you can’t purchase it) by entering the full name into Google then adding the word ‘baixar‘ (download), you may be able to find it.

One thought on “Lingua: Vidas Em Português – Documentary

  1. Adam, obrigada pela dica! Procurei, baixe, assisti e adorei. Aproveitei pra gravar o documentário em DVD e dar para a minha professora de Português e meu professor de Sociologia.

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