Cujo/a – Vocabulary/Grammar

(Cujo by Stephen King)

The pronoun cujo/cuja means ‘whose’ and precedes a noun without an article, but is employed as an adjective pronoun.

Ex : Qual será o animal cujo nome a autora não quis escrever? 
Ex. Which would be the animal whose name the author did not wish to write?

[whose name = the name of which]

Ex: Gosto muito desse compositor cujas músicas sei de cor. 
Ex. I really like that composer whose songs I know by heart.

[whose songs=songs of who]

As one can observe, cujo/cuja has a possessive value that agrees in gender and number with the object possessed. Keep in mind that it isn’t used in everyday speech but it may be found in literature.

One thought on “Cujo/a – Vocabulary/Grammar

  1. I laughed at the image you used. hehehehe! I never made the association, and Im brazilian. And fan of trash films.

    Anyway, you can find “cujo(a)” also in magazines and newspapers, so is good to know about its use.


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