Rock in Rio Returns

“Rock in Rio will return to Carioca soil after 10 years away from the place where it was born. In a meeting between Rio’s mayor, Eduardo Paes, and the event’s creator, Roberto Medina, the fourth edition of the Brazilian festival of pop music was agreed upon and will happen in September of 2011, in Jacarepaguá. The area, that is being readied, will also house the Athlete’s Park for the Olympics of 2016, also in Rio.

– The Athlete’s Park will be inaugurated together with Rock in Rio, which will happen next year. The area, between Riocentro and the Jacarepaguá Autodrome, is already being prepared for the event. The idea is that the place can receive other concerts, since another concert venue has been deemed a need of the city – said Eduardo Paes.

The last Carioca edition of the biggest music festival of the country happened in 2001, near Riocentro, in an area called Cidade do Rock. Since then, the land was abandoned. Rock in Rio already had other editions, only they took place (for some reason) in Lisbon and Madrid. On the 9th of August, Paes and Medina will meet again to divulge details of the event’s return.” – Oglobo (translation)

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