Brazil’s Deal-A-Day site – Peixe Urbano

Some months back, Brazil entered the Deal-A-Day business, made popular by US Internet company GroupOn. The premise is to reach out to local businesses in your city or any city and place-hold discounts for their products or services for the general public (as long as they are customers of GroupOn), then if a certain number of people say they will make a purchase based on the discount, the discount is secured and the GroupOn public gets the great offer.

Brazil’s version is called Peixe Urbano and both its owners are Brazilians (although you wouldn’t know it by watching the video here). So far, they claim success for their Brazilianized version which they say plays well off of the spontinaety of Brazilian culture. TechCrunch talked about Peixe Urbano back in late March which you can read about here. To give you an idea of how they are doing, the current deal on the sandwich they are offering now had 115 people signed up to buy it yesterday (with a min. of 100 purchases to secure the deal) and today, there are 2,370 people signed up to buy it.

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