Guide to Brazilian Behavior for London Olympics

On O Globo, there’s an article (in PT) about a guide that the national tourism agency in Great Britian put out on how to deal with foreign visitors. Paraphrasing, here’s what they had to say about Brazilians…

“They don’t respect schedules and will easily kiss and hug as a sign of friendship. Don’t ask them personal questions and when it comes to Brazilian women, they almost always dress sensually.”

If you are Brazilian, don’t feel left out, because the guide runs the gammit of cultural stereotypes for many nationalities. The article goes on to mention that the guide was apparently written by people from the countries they are providing advice about. I wonder…

One commentor to the article says in all caps that the guide left out something about Brazilians, specifically to be weary of British police because they kill Brazilian nationals (Jean Charles) without a reason, while another commentor says the guide is unnecessary because British people deal with tourists all year long.

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