Sony Brasil Makes Gamers Have Real Life

“The PS3 (Playstation 3) will arrive in Brazil at the price of R$1,999, against US$299 in the US. According to Anderson Gracias, director of the PlayStation division of Sony Brasil, the Brazilian price is subsidized because the console should cost R$2,500. However, a quick search of the online marketplace Submarino will tell you it’s possible to buy the same thing for R$1,399.

Gizmodo Brasil, a technology site, did the math: in the case that Sony Brasil bought the console from an American buyer and paid all the importation taxes, the final price would be US$730, which currently would be R$1,285. That means, it’s more than one thousand Reals cheaper than the unsubsidized version from Sony.” – Source (in PT)

I was thinking about this yesterday and I did the math myself before seeing the article above. The US$730 price is only if you pay the taxes because there are times when things just get put through without being taxed. Still, to tax one item 1.5 times its original price is highway robbery. A poor American could purchase the PS3 at its normal price but a poor Brazilian wouldn’t be able to do so. Luckily we are talking about a mind-numbing, escapist device here and not something that actually matters.

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